Tapis vintage Indien Seraband fait main, 1C935

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-condition: d'origine, délavé,

-date approximative: 1970s,

-taille: 194cm x 274cm,

-matière: laine,

-pays d' origine: Inde,

-style: Seraband,

-couleurs: blanc, rose, bleu ciel.


Handmade vintage Indian Seraband rug in original condition, it is unequally faded (one side is brighter then another) . The rug has been made in traditional pattern, it is from end of 20th century. The shades of the rug are mostly in pink and white. All-over design with repeating pattern. All dyes on this rug are natural. This is the type of rug woven in India to compete in the same market as rugs from Persia.

-condition: original, faded,

-circa: 1970s,

-size: 6.3' x 8.9' (194cm x 274cm),

-material: wool,

-country of origin: India,

-style: Seraband,

-background colors: white, pink, sky blue.

Taille : Moyen Format
Dimensions (cm) : L 194 x l 274 x h 1
Poids : Entre 15 et 30 kg
Etat : Etat moyen

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