JoBo2009 – 16 déc. 2020

Hi there!

I am sorry for my French is awful so hope you don't mind that I type in English? So I just bought your beautiful HNY Empire State lamp...I used to work for Disney and HNY was the first hotel I stayed in on business so I have been looking for this lamp for sale for a long time! So many great memories for me:)

Now I so live in the UK...would you mind if I arranged a courier to collect from you? If not, I do have cast member friends in Chessy, so an alternative but with covid and not kniwing when I can get back to France, if the courier is ok for you then I would be most grateful :)

Kindest wishes and I look forward to hearing back
Jo Bounds :)


GRAND BZH Vendeur – 16 déc. 2020

Sorry my English come from college.......... it's been a long's ok for a courier


JoBo2009 – 17 déc. 2020

Your English is great! I have sent a message to your email for me to take your address and sort the courier. Could you message me back on there with your address, if the lamp can be collected tomorrow please? Merci :)


JoBo2009 – 18 déc. 2020

Is everything ok dear? Can you contact me about when is good for the courier to come please? :)

Lampe KOSTKA Empire State Building

Off (60300 BARON)


Marque : KOSTKA
Dimensions (cm) : L 18 x l 18 x h 72
Poids : Moins de 5 kg
Etat : Bon état

Modes de livraison proposés :
- Remise en main propre (60300 BARON) : Gratuit
- Par mes soins (Rayon 50km) : Gratuit

110,00 €

Modalités de paiement :

Vendu !

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