Tapis ancien Caucasien Gendje fait main, 1B475

Off (33000 Bordeaux)


-condition: bon original,

-date approximative: 1880s,

-taille: 88cm x 177cm,

-matière: laine,

-pays d' origine: Russie,

-style: Gendje,

-couleurs: rouge, bleu, beige, azur.


Antique hand made Caucasian Gendje rug in original condition. The rug has navy blue border and all over deign in red shades. It also has tripple border in red, beige and azure colours. Beautiful combination of shades. The condition is original good, with no holes, tears or stains.

Gendje rugs or Geunge rugs are a category of Caucasian rug from the town of Gəncə, Azerbaijan, also written Geunge, Gendje or Ganja. Gəncə is located between the weavings areas of Karabagh, Kazak and Shirvan and it also acted as a marketing centre for weaving from those surrounding areas.

Ganja carpet-making school includes ganja city and its surrounding villages and territories of the Samukh, Gadabay, Shamkir regions. Ganja carpet making school had a positive influence on the carpet-making of the surrounding regions. Ganja carpet-making school includes compositions like "Ganja carpet", "Old Ganja carpet", "Golkend carpet", "Fakhralı carpet", "Chaykend carpet", "Chaylı carpet", "Shadyly carpet", "Chyraqly carpet", "Samukh carpet". The namaz praying carpet "Fakhraly" included in Ganja group distinguishes with its high art feature, kind of knitting from other carpet compositions.

Gendje is a town centrally located in the midst of the traditional rug-weaving area of the Caucasus Mountains. Situated on the main road connecting Baku and Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, the name Gendje also refers to the mountainous area surrounding the town.

“Gendje rugs were frequently made in a long, narrow format, and a large number of runners were produced too…the polychrome octagon borders…can be identified as distinctive features of Gendje weaving… Another design that is associated with Gendje is a diamond-shaped medallion, often with a white outline that curves outwards and opens up on each vertical side of the medallion. For instance, the 19thcentury tribal rug to the right is an exquisite example of the Gendje runner format as well as the polychrome octagon borders particular to Gendje antique rugs. In addition an enormously prized saffron ground instantly sets apart this brilliantly executed Caucasian antique rug, commanding rapt viewer attention. Of equal importance to this seldom seen golden hue is this antique Caucasian rug’s exquisite suite of inventive, precisely crafted borders, each presenting a multitude of subtly inflected natural hues for an unusually impressive sense of dynamic harmony and movement.

While some Gendje antique rugs feature the distinctive elements discussed above, “many antique Gendje rugs look very much like those produced by their neighbors, Kazaks in particular… Kazak rugs and Gendje rugs both feature wool warps and a long. thick pile.

-condition: original good,

-circa: 1880,

-size: 2.9' x 5.8' ( 88cm x 177cm ),

-material: wool,

-country of origin: Russia,

-style: Gendje,

-background colours: red, blue, beige, azure.

Taille : Moyen Format
Dimensions (cm) : L 88 x l 177 x h 1
Poids : Entre 5 et 15 kg
Etat : Bon état

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