Tapis ancien Chinois Art Deco fait main, 1B455

Off (33000 Bordeaux)


-condition: bon original,

-date approximative: 1920s,

-taille: 61cm x 121cm,

-matière: laine,

-pays d' origine: Chine,

-style: Art Deco,

-couleurs: beige, vert, rouge, marron, jaune.


Art Deco Chinese rug in original good condition. The rug is in deep green color. Borderless and only two bouquets of flowers in the corners are decorating it. Concept of minimalizm very well connecting with a floral accent on this beautiful rug. The rug is very warm and has a thick pile.

Art Deco Rugs - The Deco period was an international design movement from 1920's to 1940's. It produced a mix of many different styles borrowing design influences from neoclassical, constructivism, cubism, modernism and art nouveau. The Art Deco movement led to the evolution of the carpet revolution. Antique carpets made before the 1920's, especially the more refined oriental carpets, did not compliment the modern decor and Art Deco furnishings. A new style was taking shape that reflected this movement. Carpet design evolved from floral to angular elegance with modern, abstract and figurative motifs. The color palate is both bold and muted with interesting juxtapositions of light and dark. The design is frequently spare, geometric, and architectural with a luxurious feel. Such characteristics come together to create the aesthetics of a large swath of vintage rugs. Such legendary artists as Picasso, Poiret, Gray, Delaunay, Klee, Paul and Dorn shaped this evolution. Paule Leleu the daughter of Jules Leleu of the famed House of Leleu was a talented creator whose vision also contributed to these highly collectible rugs.

In the rug trade, term Art Deco or Deco (for short) applies to European and certain Chinese carpets that reflect the new movements in modern European decorative arts during the first third of the twentieth century.

Art Deco Rugs are characterized by experimentation with bold colors, angular lines, and the omission of heavy ornamentation. Over the past few years, the demand for art deco rugs and art deco carpets has grown tremendously. Partly fueled by the revival of mid-century modernist interior design trends, Art deco rugs come from various regions in Europe but some of the most coveted pieces are the art deco carpets or rugs that were made in France, China and Scandinavia (which are really mid-century modern but when it comes to interior design the term art deco does fit in well). Since a rug need to be 80 years old or older to be called antique, in only a few more years, the art deco vintage rug could be be referred to as Antique Art Deco rugs.

-condition: original good,

-circa: 1920,

-size: 2' x 3.10' ( 61cm x 121cm ),

-material: wool,

-country of origin: China,

-style: Art Deco,

-background colors: beige, green, red, brown, yellow.

Taille : Moyen Format
Dimensions (cm) : L 61 x l 121 x h 1
Poids : Entre 5 et 15 kg
Etat : Bon état

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