Tapis vintage Afghan Baluch fait main, 1C231

Off (33000 Bordeaux)


-condition: bon original,

-date approximative: 1940s,

-taille: 117cm x 187cm,

-matière: laine,

-pays d' origine: Afghanistan,

-style: Baluch,

-couleurs: marron, rouge rouillé, bleu vif, blanc.


Vintage hand made Afghan Baluch rug. Rusty red, bright blue and white tribal figures are spread around chocolate brown field of this rug. The rug is vintage and it's style represents Afghan culture of 1940s. The rug is quite dark, so will be perfect in a light room or near by fireplace. These combination of colors might look very well with leather furniture such as leather couch or armchair.

Baluch rugs are hand knotted rugs that are woven in the wider area of Baluchistan, which covers the South Eastern Province of Baluchistan of Iran, South west of Afghanistan, and East of Pakistan, near the Borders of the three countries. Baluchi rugs are tribal by nature and are initially made to be used inside tribal tents, which are often mobile and move from one place to another. Therefore as a matter of practicality they are produced in smaller sizes, the most common of them around 3x4', 4x6' and they are usually limited to less than 8 feet in length.

Pile rugs in general are made from a mix of wool and cotton, in which cotton is used as the base of the rugs and wool form the pile. In Baluch rugs, unlike most other types of rugs, even the foundation of the rug is made of wool. The wool used in Baluchi rugs are normally hand spun and, until very recently, Baluch rugs have been using natural and vegetable dyes. These rugs are known for their resilience. However, due to the type of materials used and the circumstances the knot density in Baluchi rugs are lower than most hand knotted rugs. Baluchi rugs are often woven with geometric motifs and tribal designs, most of them using darker colors which is consistent for the environment in which they are used.

-condition: original good,

-circa: 1940s,

-size: 3.7' x 6.1' ( 117cm x 187cm ),

-material: wool,

-country of origin: Afghanistan,

-style: Baluch,

-background colors: brown, rusty red, bright blue,white.

Taille : Moyen Format
Dimensions (cm) : L 117 x l 187 x h 1
Poids : Entre 5 et 15 kg
Etat : Bon état

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